creating entirely new
systems meant inventing

entirely new technology
When YePP set about creating the sibisystem it became immediately evident this was never going to be a ‘simple’ project. An easy solution would have been to borrow from existing technology, somehow levering it all together.

But from the outset it was clear a unique and dedicated system such as sibi
deserved more - it demanded a zero-compromise design approach. It’s an approach we’ve applied to every aspect of the sibisystem - from the many electronic devices and their accessories, to each of the incredibly rich software apps that integrate
and glue the sibisystem together.

Thousands of hours later, and countless prototypes - the sibisystem has arrived!

sibi - see it believe it

why YePP?
depends on
who you are and what you do
Never enough time, and an ever-increasing demand - sound familiar? Let YePP give you a hand.

managed reporting of events
  • adhoc
  • full list
  • exception
  • inventory
  • equipment damage
  • individual incident
  • general maintenance
  • attendance recording -
    coach and athlete
  • scheduling
  • regatta and training results
Someone has to make certain it all ‘just works on the day’, and that ‘someone’ is you.

For too long rowing co-ordinators have had to ‘make do’ without the productivity tools to match their task or responsibility.

‘Duty of Care’ requirements continue to place ever increasing obligations on clubs and schools to skillfully manage their membership.

So YePP have developed a dedicated ‘rowing co-ordinator’ system with customisable software modules to lighten the load and get things back on track.
    individuals and equipment
  • selection
  • allocation
  • activity
  • location
  • attendance
  • reporting and logging
    and much more
head coach
Used to be simple - wake up, head to the club, jump on a bike and start ‘coaching’.

bring back the simple
  • ‘coach the coach’
  • raise standards through out the squad - not just top end
  • develop a common language and communicate more effectively
  • moderate ‘comments’ and ‘coach to athlete’ feedback
  • hierarchical permission granting
  • customised grouping of crews and athletes
Get the feeling you’ve said it all before?
The message just isn’t getting through.
Step in sibisystem!

Communication is still one of the most difficult skills any coach can hope to master, and frustration often takes over before success is delivered.

it’s the difference between ‘perception and reality’
    video capture
  • 100 frames per second
  • perfect synchronisation
  • post-event triggering
  • captures both sides
  • automatic sequence ‘tagging’

  • analysis software
  • overlay sequences
  • ‘warp’ time for accurate
  • bookmark sequences
  • add commentary
  • allocate ‘view’ permissions
  • YePPcloud storage

Everyone wants it - now!
YePP created a system,
with rich software support, to lighten the load for every boatman, and boatwoman.

It enables all sibi users to report on damage instantly and dynamically, which means you get to know about it before any further damage is done!

The system applies to the whole of the boathouse, not just the equipment, so if the roller-door isn’t working, the landing needs repair, or equipment gets damaged - you’ll be the first to know.
    now there’s more you can deliver
  • remove an item from service
  • report on all outstanding tasks
  • generate admin reports
  • schedule maintenance
  • create inventory records
  • automatically generate alerts
‘Finally ... now I get it.
I understand what you’ve been trying to tell
me all this time’ - it’s feedback we hear often.

Being a competitive
athlete involves dedication,
buckets of hard work and
a ton of ‘time on the water’. Effort and time spent achieving results is endured by everyone - all sharing the same goal, together.

sibi is a tool for the true competitor, and provides a system to capture, analyse and manage your entire involvement in the sport.

From your first ergo session, to your first podium victory, YePP’s sibisystem will be there working alongside you.

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