just like Lego
and lot’s more
Often at the centre of a successful, functional design there is a single element upon which the entire system pivots. In the sibisystem that ‘element’ is the sibialign-nut.

For many, time available for rowing is limited, which means it’s frequently practised in the early hours of the morning - when the air is still and most are still asleep, and the first priority is simply ‘getting on the water’.

It’s especially a time when it makes little sense to introduce a complex set-up into the mix, or delicate adjustments that require manipulation from chilly fingers. Nor is it the time to discover broken or damaged attachment points that may even prevent you getting out on the water.

sibisnap&row - it’s sibi’s unique magnetic-attachmeent mounting system, and it’s all it takes to mount and align any part of the sibisystem.

sibi - see it believe it

some things are simply
meant for each other
YePP’s sibiinterface is just that - the
interface between you, your boat and
YePP’s sibisystem.

Like all devices in YePP’s sibisystem, it
employs the sibisnap&row connector - that’s
all it takes to mount and align cameras and bridges to your boat.

Colour coded for convenience, it means you’re less likely to get things mixed up in the rush to get on the water. They’re easy to fit, and equally as easy to remove.

Unique ’keying’ features in the base of each sibiinterface ensure that alignment with athlete and equipment is always simple, precise, and reliably achieved. Just snap it on - attach a camera or bridge, and you’re ready to row!

sibi - see it believe it

disguised simplicity
For YePP to produce a system
you'd trust, it had to be accurate.

We understand you're serious about
sport and you need to be able to rely
on the information that’s delivered.
YePP designed the sibisystem to
provide direct, in-line comparison
between past efforts, and those you
are working on today. Of course, this
requires a highly-accurate, and an
entirely consistant approach to data
aquisition. That’s why, when it comes
to measurement, one of the most
important aspects is where you begin
- the datum point.

YePP’s sibialign-laser is unashamedly the product of several less successful designs - each one radically different from the one before,
and all very different from our final result.

Simple to use, fast to setup, reliable, repeatable, and rugged enough
to get the job done reliabily, but most importantly - very accurate!

sibi - see it believe it

The same level of detail
and design-dedication goes into
every component of YePP’s sibisystem,
no matter how small the task it’s required to perform.

sibiboatmount is a product of this process and is clear evidence
of the contribution that good design can make - even in a part so minor.

Having attached the sibiboatmount using the self-adhesive pads, it’s now just
a simple snap-fit to securely mount the sibibridge for every future session. And like all the devices in the sibi range, it utilises sibi’s magnetic-attachment mounting system - sibisnap&row.

It means no more broken latches, no crossed threads, and no locking clips to fatigue and break. So now it’s easy to set up, mount and remove devices, no matter the temperature, or how frozen your fingers may feel.

sibi - see it believe it

you’ll handle it - easily
YePP’s commitment to provide ‘complete system’ solutions doesn’t stop with its electronic devices, or its software.

We understand how difficult it can be, and how many ‘things’ you often end up having to hold while boats are getting prepared on the hardstand.

That’s why the design team at YePP developed the sibitransporter.

Made from high-impact ABS resin, it’ll take all the punishment you dish out, and still come back for more. The sibitransporter will take care of up to 6 devices - typically, four sibicameras and two sibibridges.

Doubling its capacity is a simple matter of placing two sibitransporters back-to-back. And to help keep things aligned YePP’s designers have embedded 4 super-strong magnets into the rear face.

sibi - see it believe it

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