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At a slight 162gms and only 97mm tall, the sibicamera is a device that will revolutionise the way you compete, as well as the way you train. Capturing two fields-of-view simultaneously - each at 100 fps and precisely synchronised, with sibi on-board you’ll record unprecedented images from both sides of the boat,
for each athlete, like never before.

Designed for ease of use and reliability, the sibicamera is magnetically attached to the gate’s pin directly over the top of your oar. Two lenses face in opposite directions capturing athlete and oar independently - in perfect synchronisation.

This same incredible synchronisation extends to every sibi device - doing all the hard yards; with iPhone ease and scientific precision. And YePP’s unique ‘post-trigger’ mode means you’ll be able to concentrate fully on coaching instead of capturing video.

Rowing in an eight, and with one camera per athlete, sibi delivers 16 simultaneous and unique points-of-view - all up that means sibi is capable of delivering an incredible 1,600 frames of critically-focused data - every second.

see - beyond the surface
The sibicamera is one of many tools in YePP’s sibisystem
- and it’s one of the most important.

Why? Because it ‘sees things’ that a human eye simply can't.

Not convinced? Then take a look below - we think it’s a compelling argument.

view both sides of the boat simultaneously
Mount as many sibicameras as you wish, on both sides of the boat, and you’ll acquire perfectly synchronised vision from each and every one of them.

capture movement at 4 times the resolution of a human eye
Our eyes generally resolve and perceive the difference between moving objects up to approximately 24Hz, or 24 times per second, after which the images simply ‘blur together’. It's how movies and videos are created. The sibicamera captures at 100Hz, providing you 4x the data you can resolve naturally. With the sibisystem you won’t miss a blink.

view action up to 16x slower than ‘real-time’
YePP’s sibianalyst application allows you to view and analyse movement up to 16 times slower than the real-time equivalent, delivering you the benefit of ‘extra time’ - time you can use to consider and analyse what you’re actually looking at.

stop, reverse, replay - any event, over and over
It brings new meaning to ‘the benefit of hindsight’. Combined with YePP’s unique session-reconfiguration software, it’ll allow you to capture your sessions and effectively extend your time-on-the-water. YePP recreates your session, right down to athlete and equipment positions and settings, allowing you to dissect and analyse exactly what happened - in detail, and in good time.

post-trigger a capture, and ‘memorise’ an event, even after it’s occurred
The sibisystem’s incredible ability to capture events after they actually happened is one of its strongest assets. It’ll allow you to focus on what’s happening - rowing - leaving the data capture to YePP. When you ‘see’ something you’d like to capture, simply trigger the sibisystem and it’ll take care of the rest, all thanks to sibi’s unique 'post-event trigger' technology. And if you wish, it can even capture action before the ‘event’ occurred.

observe multiple athletes from exactly the same relative viewpoint
Every sibicamera is locked in exactly the ‘same relative viewpoint’ for each athlete - atop their rigger pin. This means you’ll see every athlete as if you had an ‘eye’ for each of them - and while you’re at it, one for their oar as well. When it comes time to view your sessions this consistent viewpoint means you’ll be able to make exact comparisons - with overlays if you wish, between each and every one of them.

dedicate one eye to the athlete, and the other to the equipment
YePP’s sibisystem is a communication tool for all stakeholders - not the coach alone. With this in mind YePP’s engineers and designers dedicated a separate camera for each of the two most important elements - the athlete and their oar. That’s why our sibicameras are equipped with a unique, patented dual-lens system. We provide the quality images you require, in the format you demand, regardless of your role.

remove distracting movement from the vision stream
Mounting sibicameras on top of the rigger pin has other benefits too. Aside from providing a consistent viewpoint, it removes wobbles, stroke movement, and roll. When the boat moves, sibicameras move too - meaning you’ll always get stable, reliable vision to work with.

makes direct comparisons with previous sessions, and different athletes

YePP’s sibianalyst software has a magical mode we call ‘warp’. Unlike regular video capture, in ‘warp’ mode time can be ‘shifted’ between important moments of a session, ensuring that a sequence captured at say 26 strokes per minute, can be precisely compared with another, regardless of its stroke-rate - it’s one of our most important and favourite features.

sibi - see it believe it

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